“We knew not whether we were in Heaven or on Earth… We only know that God dwells there among the people, and their service is fairer than the ceremonies of other nations.”
Prince Vladimir of Kiev’s envoy, on the Byzantine Rite (987)


The Byzantine Catholic church is in full communion with the pope of Rome. We profess our faith through the beautiful and mystical liturgical traditions of the Byzantine Rite.


The Byzantine Church proves the authenticity of its teaching with the teaching of the living Spirit, through the uninterrupted faithfulness to the word of God by His Apostles and their successors.


Byzantine liturgies are not a duty to be discharged, but an experience to be lived, unfolding the meaning of the Church as the Body of Christ through constant motion and personal participation.


Byzantine spirituality reveals the intelligence to God, not in order to learn about God but to discover God; not to know about Him but to know Him, to experience God in one’s own life.

Our Parish

We celebrate the Liturgy of the Byzantine Rite. Our theological traditions originated in Constantinople, the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, and one of the most glorious civilizations in human history. Read More

Our History

Our parish is one of the oldest Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic churches in America, founded in 1887 by Eastern European immigrants who wished to worship according to their Eastern Catholic traditions. Read More

Our Iconostasis

The iconostasis (icon screen) is one of the most important architectural features of Eastern Christian churches. St. Mary’s iconostasis is one of the most breathtaking masterpieces of its kind, rich with intricately carved wood and beautifully written icons. Read More

Those Who Served

Our parish was home to the first Ruthenian priest to arrive in America, Rev. Fr. Ivan Volansky. Throughout our 133-year history, we’ve been privileged to have been served by many dedicated priests from America and abroad. Read More


The Byzantine-Ruthenian Church sui iuris (“of its own right”) is self-governing and equal in dignity to the Roman Catholic Church. We are in communion with the Bishop of Rome, though the Byzantine Church is unique in its clergy, laws, institutions, liturgies, forms of spirituality, and methods of theology.

His Holiness
Pope Francis

Supreme Pontiff and Bishop of Rome

Most Reverend
William Skurla

Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

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Most Reverend
Kurt Burnette

Bishop of the Eparchy of Passaic

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Saintly Bishops

Bishop Theodore Romzha, Bishop Pavel Gojdič, Bishop Vasil’ Hopko, and Bishop Alexander Chira, who, by their courage, charity and intrepid faith, inspired our Ruthenian people in the darkest moments of their history. By their great sufferings, humiliating imprisonment, and violent death they gave living witness to their Catholic faith and glorified Christ’s exalted name.

Blessed Bishop
Theodore Romzha

Bishop-Hieromartyr of Mukachevo

Victim of Soviet Persecution

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Blessed Bishop
Vasil’ Hopko

Bishop-Martyr of Prjashev

Prisoner for the Lord

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Blessed Bishop
Pavel Peter Gojdič

Bishop-Confessor of Prešov

Confessor of the Faith

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Alexander Chira

Bishop-Confessor of Mukachevo

Fearless Witness of Christ

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Revered Saints

Byzantine Catholics look to many saints for their heavenly intercession. Those most commonly encountered include St. Nicholas, the Apostles, and saints from the Old Testament. Each calendar day is dedicated to the memory of a particular saint.

Saint Nicholas

Archbishop of Myra in Lycia

Patron of the Byzantine Catholic Church

Saint Mary

Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

Patronness of Our Parish

Ss. Cyril + Methodius

Apostles to the Slavs

Teachers of the Ruthenian People