Those Who Served


Throughout its one hundred and thirty-three year history, St. Mary's has been privileged to have been served by many dedicated priests and cantors.

Priests who have served:

Present – Rev. Fr. Mykhaylo Prodanets
2007-’09 – Rev. Fr. Glenn M. Davidowich
2006-’07 – Rev. Fr. Dennis Grumsey, O.F.M.
2006-’07 – Very Rev. Fr. James G. Hayer
1995-’06 – Rev. Fr. Theodore Krepp
1995 – Rev. Fr. Michael Salnicky
1992-’95 – Rev. Fr. Stephen J. Koster
1992 – Rev. Msgr. John T Sekellick, J.C.L.
1982-’92 – Rev. Fr. Michael J. Miyo
1978-’82 – Rev. Fr. Robert Skurla
1977-’78 – Rev. Fr. Emil Moskva
1971-’77 – Rev. Fr. Robert Radvansky
1968-’71 – Rev. Msgr. Nicholas Bonetzky
1955-’68 – Rev. Fr. Gregory Moneta

1951-’55 – Rev. Fr. George Bonchonsky
1950-’51 – Rev. Fr. Michael B. Rapach
1950 – Rev. Fr. Method Royko, O.S.B.
1921-’50 – Rev. Fr. Emil Semetkovsky
1916-’21 – Rev. Fr. John Parscouta
1915-’16 – Rev. Fr. Thomas Szabo
1908-’15 – Rev. Fr. Nicholas Molchanyi
1902-’08 – Rev. Fr. Acacius Kaminsky
1891-’02 – Rev. Fr. Vladimir Molchanyi
1889-’91 – Rev. Fr. John Zapotocky
1889 – Rev. Fr. Constantine Andrukovich
1888-’89 – Rev. Fr. Nicholas Zubricky
1887-’88 – Rev. Fr. Ivan Volansky

In addition to the above listed pastors there have been other priests who have administered to the needs of the parish on various occasions. Between the years of 1890 and 1904 the following priests have served the parish: Rev. Fr. Victor Martyak, Rev. Fr. Victor Stecovics, Rev. Fr. Cyril Gulovich, Rev. Fr. John Halko, Rev. Fr. Gabriel Martyak, Rev. Fr. Theophane Obuskevich, Rev. Fr. John Varda, Rev. Fr. Valentine Balog, Rev. Fr. Michael Jaczkovich, Rev. Fr. A. Gzay, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Burick, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Chopey, Rev. Fr. Porubsky, Rev. Fr. Irenaeus Janicsky, Rev. Fr. Ivan Volansky, Rev. Fr. John Parscouta, Rev. Fr. Teradi, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Hecovidi, Rev. Fr. Peter Popovics, Rev. Fr. Alexander Komporday, Rev. Fr. Orest Zlocky, Rev. Fr. John Korontnoky, Rev. Fr. Churdi, Rev. Fr. Myron Volkay, Rev. Fr. Augustine Hodobay, and Rev. Fr. Thomas Szabo.

Between 1904 and 1909 the following administered to the parishes needs: Rev. Fr. Myron Volkay, Rev. Fr. Alexander Koszey, Rev. Fr. Cornelius Laurisin, Rev. Fr. Artim, Rev. Fr. Alexis Medveczky, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Lengyel, Rev. Fr. Basil Volosin, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Molchanyi, Rev. Fr. Michael Lysak, Rev. Fr. Vladimir Spolitakevich, Rev. Fr. Michael Oleksiw, Very Rev. Nicholas Chopey, and Rev. Fr. Theodore Hodobay.

In addition to the above listed pastors there have been other priests who have administered to the needs of the parish on various occasions.


The parish records do not indicate who the first cantor was, however the cantors from 1904 are as follows:

Present – Mr. Brian Bankovich, Mrs. Jen Terza
2008 – Messrs. Joseph Putprush, Stanley Bonar
1994-2008 – Messrs. Michael Partika, Joseph Putprush, Stanley Bonar
1994 – Mr. David Rowker
1986-1994 – Mr. Edward Gaydos
1947-1986 – Mr. John Wischak
1922-1947 – Mr. George Kostraba
1920-1922 – Mr. Michael Demyan
1918-1920 – Mr. John Metrovka
1918 – Mr. Michael Pauley
1914-1918 – Mr. Andrew Marko
1910-1914 – Mr. Michael Yuhasz
1910 – Mr. Bobby
1904-1910 – Mr. Andrew Marko

They Died for their Country

Nicholas Evans
Harry Fetsco
Joseph Hohol
Andrew Ondish, Jr.

Robert Ondish
John Sambo
Emil Tomasak
George Urick

Eternal rest grant unto them O' Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Banquet following the blessing of our Cemetery Altar by His Excellency, Most. Rev. Nicholas T. Elko.
Fr. Mykhaylo blesses the faithful during Matins of the Resurrection, the most joyous celebration of the church year. Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! Christós voskrése! Voístinnu voskrése! Христос воскресе! Воистину воскресе!
Dedication of our Cemetery Chapel, November 7, 1987. Left to right: Rev. Robert Lozinski, Rev. Michael J. Miyo, Pastor of St. Mary's 1982-’92; Most Rev. Michael J. Dudick, D.D.; Rev. John Fetsko